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ghost tree project
@ Dryland Garden, Wollongong Botanic Gardens
part of Sculpture in the Gardens

In 2019 I was invited to create and run a public engagment project during the Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition to be held in April 2020. The event was postponed and took place in February-March of 2021. The project unashamedly addressed grief: it was intended to acknowledge the losses and accompanying grief of the 2019-20 east coast Australian fires; this unexpressed grief was compounded by the impact of COVID 19.

This video was taken on the last day of the project and has captured much of the intention of the project. Video shot and edited by Tad Souden.

This video, taken by Clinton of Mandala Tone captured the ghost tree forest on a soft misty lightly breezy day:


Thank you to Jennine Primmer for managing this project and Wollongong City Council for mounting this project.
and thank you to all the staff at Wollongong Botanic Gardens for their support before and during the event