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@ OpenField Contemporary Arts Festival

This work was placed near the David Berry Memorial in The Berry Memorial park as part of the OpenField Arts Festival in 2023. It was an opportunity to address our relationship with the story held within the David Berry memorial which permeates all our lives. By using a non-colour for the threading of this work it is calling for a draining of the colour of that old story. Can we allow ourselves to sit in 'the space between stories' (Charles Eisenstein) rather than rush into quick fixes that often lead to unexpected negatiev consequences (plastics, herbicides, artificial fertilisers, cane toads, pharamceuticals). The work offers a round mirror facing the sky held within it. It asks can we find a place in ourserves where we are able to reflect and interact the world like this mirror? You can never see yourself in the mirror ( unless yo uforce yourself into the work, but you can see others and the environment around you. Can you be the 'still point in a turning world' (TS Elliot) from which you can observe and consider what is possible from a different paradigm?

Thank you OpenField for this opportunity, to my husband for helping with the long install, to each visitor who I spoke with. Thank you Jarred Underwood for the image of me, in bilby ears and long skirt, with my work. The bilby ears are to remind me and those around me that we are animals and we have the capacity to sense in ways far beyond what we do in our domesticated lives. (and yes those are tears on my glasses)

paint on steel and aluminium, silicon thread, stainless steel, acrylic mirror
220 x 280 x 280 cm