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View from the Coast (an IAVA group exhibition)
@ Bowral Art Gallery

Included in this exhibiton were two of my works:

the getting to know my patch of the earth is conduit for coming to know the whole of the earth
This installation sculpture explores the idea of seeing the whole world by coming to deeply know one’s own ‘patch of the earth’… this also refers to coming to know oneself more deeply (our inner patch of the earth one might say).  As we come into better knowing of our own patch we come to realise that everything is connected to everything, and everything affects everything; nothing exists without everything else.

falling through
tall legs hold up a section as if cut out of some other body - exposing an 'endgrain' revealing the strata of the original body... in this case a layering of transparent with opaque, soft with hard. This exposed section is hollowed out revealing within in it a series of knitted 'sieves' suspended by tensioned red thread. This work makes reference to the earth and its soil, the reality of soil's critical importance to to the health of our planet often falls through the cracks.