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an IAVA group exhibition
@Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney

my work included in reach, is called how the earth cries; it is a work that reminds us the that the earth herself cries, and she always has... grief is required if life is to flourish and for us to experience the fullness and depth of life. The earth has understood this even before she birthed life and she has carried this grief with her, while delighting in the joy of her creations as they emerged into ever greater diversity.

This work suspends the earth's tears, in this case sticks bandaged with pink and white crepe paper, in space, held for us to acknowledge before they reach the ground to turn to compost...

how the earth cries, 
crepe paper bandaged sticks, cotton thread, steel rings, wire, timber, butcher paper, cotton gauze, calico rubbed on bushfire burnt trees
220 x 180 x 180 cm, on circle of paper 250cm diameter