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between : illawarra

November 2008 @ TAP Gallery  


both images

My feet grow roots and my soul touches the sky with work by Alena Kennedy on the wall behind


left to right

My feet grow roots and my soul touches the sky

Stick Column with bent in background

Stick Column


left to right

points of order in front of crystalis and streaming

points of order in front of first touch and further away


left to right

before, cloud, travelling and white thoughts

unknown story, dancing for sunset, out of nowhere and nest in me head


Two person exhibiton:
Alena Kennedy & Greer Taylor

Alena Kennedy and Greer Taylor are both inspired by patterns in nature and while their point of inspiration might be similar the outcomes are quite different...

For more images of my work visit the gallery pagesHERE

To see images of Alena's work visit herwebsite

*Illawarra is a region squeezed between the Great Dividing Range and the Pacific Ocean, and it is thought that illawarra is a Dharawal word meaning between a high place and the sea.