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Rain Stories :: permanent public art work
@ Melton Waves Leisure Centre, Melton, Victoria

Rain Stories was commissioned by the Melton City Council for the Melton Waves Leisure Center. The work gathers together 86 stories about rain into a 'curtain of rain' on the back wall of the Leisure Centre. Some of the 'rain stories' were collected from the local community, some collected from living and dead authors and poets, some detailing facts about rain in general and rain in the Melton area with some written by me...

The work is a reminder that every drop of water contained in the pools within the Leisure Center has fallen as rain at some point in time, whether it be yesterday or eons ago.

Thank you to all the many people who assisted in making this project a reality from instigator, to fabricators, to writers, to suppliers, to installers...

A special thanks to Ruby Wingrove.