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post tension(ing): a monument to yesterday's comfort

@ Wollombi Sculpture Festival 2019
Sculpture in the Vinyards
Wollombi, NSW

post tension(ing): a monument to yesterday's comfort was installed in Wollombi village October 26 - 10 November 2019.

Post tensioning is an engineering technique that uses cables threaded through a structure to keep it stable.

The steps involved in the life of a product: designing-making-transporting-desiring-buying-energy consumption are like beads on a cable, post-tensioned by its perceived value and ongoing usage. When we choose to discard a product the line of tension breaks, each bead falling into irrelevance.

This ‘monument’ is a reminder that our choices keep the post-tensioning in place …or not.

It is also a reminders to be sure what systems we thread our tension through (what systems do we post tension?). Question everything, are you holding together only that which serves our future?