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post tension(ing): a monument to yesterday's comfort
@ reIMAGINE Sculpture Project 2019
a Shoalhaven Council Project

post tension(ing): a monument to yesterday's comfort was the recipient of the prize for the reIMAGINE Sculpture Project.
20 artists where selected to make works from items destined for landfill - I chose to work with discarded chairs.
The exhibition co-incided with the 2019 World Environment Day festival run by the Shoalhaven Council.

Post tensioning is an engineering technique that uses cables threaded through a structure to keep it stable.

The steps involved in the life of a product: designing-making-transporting-desiring-buying-energy consumption are like beads on a cable, post-tensioned by its perceived value and ongoing usage. When we choose to discard a product the line of tension breaks, each bead falling into irrelevance.

This ‘monument’ is a reminder that our choices keep the post-tensioning in place …or not.

It is also a reminders to be sure what systems we thread our tension through (what systems do we post tension?). Question everything, are you holding together only that which serves our future?


I would like to express gratitude to Deborah Redwood, Tania Morandi, Monica Willis who assisted throughout the process.

Thanks to all of you who kept your eyes open for chairs and kept them out of landfill.

Thank you Fiona Schreurs and her team at Shoalhaven Council for making this project happen.

It was a honour to be selected for the prize by a respected group of judges:
John Monteleone – Programme Director Art Gallery of Wollongong
Bronwyn Coulston – Director Shoalhaven Regional Gallery
James Birkett – Artist and Education Officer, Bundanon
David Ball – Sculptor