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rain stories @ Brenda May Gallery

Rain has magical qualities that not only engage with all our senses, it delivers from the ‘heavens’ the essential ingredient required to make the life on our planet possible (who is to know what is required elsewhere?)…

out of rain is an exploration of rain: rhythm, repetition, transparency, possibilities.

out of rain has a triple meaning: 
- under our roof we are sheltered "out of rain" 
- what comes "out of rain"? - new growth 
- what happens when we are "out of rain"? - desert

The works in out of rain refer in some way to this triple meaning together with reference to the 'lifecycle' of water: rain, clouds, mist, deluge, its seepage into the earth - to comment about cutting off supply.

In our built shelters (gallery, home, office) we are ‘out of rain’ – sheltered from getting wet, the structure preventing rain from reaching the soil beneath… a soil now parched and barren of life and stripped of potential.

View video interview made during out of rain HERE

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I would like to thank Deborah who helped my install this exhibiton and all the worderful staff at Brenda May Gallery for their support.
B but most of all Brenda May herself for inviting me to do this exhibition