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Solo exhibiton of sculptural grids, 2010
@ The Small Wall, Project Contemporary ArtSpace, Wollongong

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This small exhibition 'GRID' explored the grid in 3 dimensions: grids within grids, refraction within grids, the order and chaos of grids.

All grids used in these 4 works are based on a 9 x 9 layout - the 4 faces af each grid, brane and suspend a 9 x 9 grid,
wall veil
9, 9 x 9 grids butted together = 729 intersection points.

grid, brane and suspend explore the capacity of single elements to contribute to a whole: 81 strings run between opposing faces and it is their cumulated tension that holds the work together. In suspend it is the cumulatiov tension that hold the small cube within the outer cube.