Writing poetry is an increasingly important part of my practice: it is something that I have done for many yeras and in 2014 I published a collection called ephemeral (see below) and in the pipeline is a second collection called veiling.


As the impacts of climate change, deforestation, extinctions, loss of diversity together with human population growth we are facing loss every day - losses that all too often are overlooked in our culturally entrained focus on comfort and economic growth. I have come to understand the power of grief and why it hitherto was not part of my life: our culture does not embrace grief, it much rather pushes it away in order to not face the realities of loss and our own ephemerality; "death phobic and grief illiterate" as Stephen Jenkinson explains it. As I learn to embrace grief I find rather than being an immobilizing force it as a motivating force activating my capacity to proceed.

veiling is a collections of poems written during the latter part of 2019 as I was deeply researching the impacts and realities of climate change and into the tumultuousness that was early 2020: the trauma of horrific bushfires followed without respite by a global pandemic. The poems in veiling are a call to examine our place in the world, in the cycle that is nature, the cycle that is our very existence; it is a call to examine our behaviour, for it is our behaviour that influences what happens across the whole planet, from human realtions to environmental degradation. The poems are a deep dive into grief and its power to heal.

veiling was to be launched during a festival but due to the pandemic the festival was cancelled – veiling will be launched at a date and in a format, yet to be confirmed.

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While travelling in wild places both nearby and further afield, on foot, by kayak or by 4WD I am often encouraged to write: most often I write while sitting on a rock – to feel the earth beneath me... and it seems here, that I know more than I know...

In September 2014 I published a book called ephemeral. It brings together some of of my ''wild-place' writings together with images of small ephemeral artworks made in the bush.
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Our contemporary world has become disconnected from nature and its mysteries – to our own peril. The intention of ephemeral is to reconnect readers to nature one-story-at-a-time (visual or text). ephemeral brings nature and wild places into our homes – it is my hope that readers will (and many have told me that they do) pick up ephemeral every now to be reminded of the fragility, beauty and depth of nature and that we are intertwined – we are it and it is us.

Some of the 'poems' from the book are included here, in no particular order, by their first lines. These works come out of the middle of a flow: they are not a beginning or an end... hence no titles

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