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Sculpture in the Valley @ Kangaroo Valley, NSW. I reinstalled my large threaded work collecting tears around a very wonderful tree in a wild location as part of this exhibition. The work was awarded the Highly Commended Outdoor Sculpture Prize.
(photo by Joseph Horvat)

OpenField Contemporary Art Festival @ Berry NSW. I installed a large threaded work in Berry Park called inversion, it included a round mirror in which you could never see yourself - you could only see other people near by and the environment. See more images HERE

an IAVA group exhibition @ GalleryLane Cove, Sydney. This work called how the earth cries suspends a carpet of bandaged sticks above the ground - the tears of the earth held for a moment before they are able to begin the process of becoming compost, the role of all tears. See more HERE

collecting tears @ Sculpture in the Gardens, Wollongong Botanic Gardens, collecting tears calls on each of us to acknowledge the losses of our world, to allow our tears to fall, to be collected together with the tears of all beings as they too share in the grieving. See more images HERE


veiling: grief and delight was launched with a multiple-media one night event of poetry, music, film, sculpture, photography and theatre... The short run of the book that was printed sold out on the night - a second print run has been printed. If you wish to order a copy of the book veiling:grief and delight please follow this link: PURCHASE BOOK

The images below are of the book cover and one of the black and white images used in the book by my husband Joseph Horvat.

'phases'. was installed in forecourt of the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra NSW in June 2022. The work makes comment about teh phases that we share our lives with and holds in its colours a reminder of the essential role photosynthesis plays in the cycles of life: from the green of leaves to blue of sky and the orange of sun... The work appears to turn as you move past it.
(photo by Dave Macquart)

at the river

Artist in Residence @ Bundanon: 'not-doing ... sensing', exploring the act and art of not-doing in always-on world.
Find out more HERE

at the river

Sculpture in the Gardens - Artist in Residence: 'ghost tree project' public engagement project video interview recorded on last day of project. Find out more HERE

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