This gallery includes all works that have received awards or commendations.

reIMAGINE Sculpture Project, 2019
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra, NSW

This work used of 20 chairs destined for landfill as part of the Shoalhaven Council reIMAGINE Sculpture Project.

Harbour Sculpture 2015
Clark Point Reserve, Woolwich NSW

Sitting lightly in the landscape, this work explore space and by its transparency, the intricacies of space become visible.

UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition, 2014
University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown campus, NSW

Sometimes when a tree falls in a forest it is caught and held by others to become the most sculptural of trees.

Sculpture at Scenic World, 2013
Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

This boulder-like yet transparent form, an irregular trapezoidal prism, hovers in space questioning the idea of perceived permanence.

UWS Sculpture Prize and Exhibition, 2012
University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown campus, NSW

A transparent form that contains reminders of a rectangular prism that is unable to remain still, or convincing of its form.

Sculpture at Scenic World, 2012
Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW

…is time in fact linear? does it stack neatly one moment upon another? or does it really weave its way randomly…

Sculpture by the Sea, 2011
Bondi, NSW

This white threading of cellular memory speaks of its location by the sea while holding the memory of a place far from here.

Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2011
Lorne, VIC

While waves tumble and waste onto the nearby shore this work threatens to tumble towards the sea.

Calleen Art Award, 2009
Cowra Regional Gallery, Cowra, NSW

echo was awarded a commendation. It explores timelessness, vulnerability, mortality…