Featured Projects

Sculpture Bermagui 2024
Bermagui, NSW

Nature has capacity for infinity we do not. Our short-termism eats infinity. Can we hold our shared relationship to infinity?

Sculpture in the Valley 2023
Kangaroo Valley, NSW

surrounding a 300 year old tree this work invites us to shed tears and acknowledge that the earth too is shedding tears.

reach, 2023
Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW

A carpet of bandaged sticks is suspended above the ground — the tears of the earth held for a moment before becoming compost.

OpenField Contemporary Art Festival, 2023
Berry, NSW

Installed in Berry Park inversion included a round mirror that allowed you to only see other people near by and the environment.

Sculpture in the Gardens 2023
Wollongong Botanic Gardens, NSW

collecting tears calls on each of us to acknowledge the losses of our world, to allow our tears to fall. Image by Jessica Millman

Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre forecourt
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra NSW

An interaction of photosynthesis and the phases that we share our lives with. Image by Dave Macquart

Sculpture in the Gardens: Artist in Residence 2021
Wollongong Botanic Gardens, NSW

ghost trees was a ‘growing’ public engagement sculpture built over 4 weeks in memory of all that is lost out of lack of care.