making work for indoor spans small works that sit on a plinth to small wall works to large works that respond to the architecture the space in which they are installed.

reach, 2023
Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW

A carpet of bandaged sticks is suspended above the ground — the tears of the earth held for a moment before becoming compost.

Chan ∙ Art ∙ Sculpture Competition, 2021
Nan Tien Temple, Berkley, NSW

How do we ‘know’ something as complex as the earth, as complex as nature?

Sea of Waste, 2017
Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra, NSW

three percent 3%  was installed as part of the Sea of Waste at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery to coincide with Earth Day 2017.

Best of The Best, 2013
St Kilda Town Hall

11 dimensional object was created as a sculptural centre piece for a table at a NGV, Women’s Association fundraising event.

Sculpture 2013, 2013
Brenda May Gallery, Waterloo, NSW

3% might seem a small amount, but it is the per annum economic growth our governments encourage, to maintain our lifestyle…

Sculpture by the Sea on Seven, 2013
David Jones, Sydney, NSW

inversion responded to the light and architecture of this grand galley space, its transparency holding the light.

Line of Sight, 2011
Project Contemporary ArtSpace, Wollongong, NSW

I made this work to explore how incremental increases can make huge impacts on long term outcomes; 3% seems such a small amount…

37, 2011
Wollongong City Gallery, NSW

I was part of the 37th annual TAFE teachers exhibition held in the main gallery at Wollongong City Gallery.

Projecting Forward, 2009
Project Contemporary ArtSpace, Wollongong, NSW

When multiple contacts are made and connections maintained, spaces of possibility are created.

Picture This, 2010
Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong, NSW

Created by the way it catches itself to the existing architecture of the building and catches onto the “burrs” created along the central tube.

local:current, 2010
Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong, NSW

An analogy for our earth, her surface strong yet fragile  and like knitting begins to fray if even single stitch is broken.

Blacktown City Art Prize, 2010
The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, Blacktown, NSW

What visits us at night?
Image by Alex Wisser