This gallery contains all the outdoor works that I have made for various events – most of which are sculpture prizes. Many of these works are intended to directly respond to the landscape in which they are placed.

Sculpture Bermagui 2024
Bermagui, NSW

Nature has capacity for infinity we do not. Our short-termism eats infinity. Can we hold our shared relationship to infinity?

Sculpture in the Valley 2023
Kangaroo Valley, NSW

surrounding a 300 year old tree this work invites us to shed tears and acknowledge that the earth too is shedding tears.

OpenField Contemporary Art Festival, 2023
Berry, NSW

Installed in Berry Park inversion included a round mirror that allowed you to only see other people near by and the environment.

Sculpture in the Gardens 2023
Wollongong Botanic Gardens, NSW

collecting tears calls on each of us to acknowledge the losses of our world, to allow our tears to fall. Image by Jessica Millman

Sculpture in the Vineyards, 2019
Wollombi, NSW

post tension(ing): a monument to yesterday’s comfort was installed in Wollombi village as part of Sculpture in the Vineyards.

reIMAGINE Sculpture Project, 2019
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra, NSW

This work used of 20 chairs destined for landfill as part of the Shoalhaven Council reIMAGINE Sculpture Project.

Sculpture in the Vineyards, 2016
Wollombi, NSW

describing one of the few straight lines governed by natural forces – a line pulled between the 2 magnetic poles of our planet.

UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition, 2016
University Western Sydney, Campbelltown, NSW

Coming in and out of focus, the forms and their reflections plummet into the depth of the lake, clear or clipped.

Sculpture in the Vineyards, 2015
Wollombi, NSW

A zig-zagging/push-pull structure creates an elastic web, if any element breaks the structure begins to falls apart…

Harbour Sculpture 2015
Clark Point Reserve, Woolwich NSW

Sitting lightly in the landscape, this work explore space and by its transparency, the intricacies of space become visible.

Sculpture at Scenic World 2015
Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

A living forest is a network of connections in all directions,  subtle happenings within the cells of a tree or deep within the soil…

Sculpture in the Vineyards, 2014
Undercliff Winery, Wollombi, NSW

inclusion questions the idea of inside and out – what is included and what is not?

UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition, 2014
University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown campus, NSW

Sometimes when a tree falls in a forest it is caught and held by others to become the most sculptural of trees.

Lorne Sculpture Biennale, 2014
Lorne, VIC

hollow earth is a homage to the earth – to that which lies below, to that which we so often overlook.

Sculpture by the Sea 2013
Bondi, NSW

What is included and what is outside? Where does our connection with inside or outside begin or end?

Sculpture at Scenic World, 2013
Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW

This boulder-like yet transparent form, an irregular trapezoidal prism, hovers in space questioning the idea of perceived permanence.

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2013
Montalto Winery, Red Hill, VIC

Windings of cable span open space to create curved transparent surfaces over which winds may cross to create sound.

Sculpture by the Sea, 2012
Bondi, NSW

Two transparent funnels connect, one rounded edged turned down towards the earth, the other square edged facing upward to the sky.

UWS Sculpture Prize and Exhibition, 2012
University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown campus, NSW

A transparent form that contains reminders of a rectangular prism that is unable to remain still, or convincing of its form.

Sculpture Bermagui, 2012
Bermagui, NSW

Sculpture on the Edge is held on Endeavour Headland in Bermagui on the South Coast of NSW.

Sculpture at Scenic World, 2012
Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW

…is time in fact linear? does it stack neatly one moment upon another? or does it really weave its way randomly…

Sculpture by the Sea, 2011
Bondi, NSW

This white threading of cellular memory speaks of its location by the sea while holding the memory of a place far from here.

Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2011
Lorne, VIC

While waves tumble and waste onto the nearby shore this work threatens to tumble towards the sea.

Swell Sculpture Festival 2011
Currumbin, QLD

Installed on the beach vortex a seems to be listening to the sea… humming the long distance song of the universe

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011
Montalto Winery, Red Hill, VIC

cellular memory is a discussion about how we form memories – it is an after image of a previous work in this location.

Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition, 2010
Yering Station Winery, VIC

vortex acts like a funnel to another frame of mind, a new dimension of time and space – posing a question of perspective and courage.

Montalto Sculpture Prize, 2010
Montalto Winery, Red Hill, VIC

This work speaks of my connection to land… as my feet growing roots into the earth I am connected  to everything…