11 dimensional object

Greer Taylor - 11 dimensional object - NGV fundraiser
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This sculpture was made to be the centre piece for a table that seated 11 people. The NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) Women’s associating invited 40 design/art business/galleries to design one of the tables at a fund raising dinner to be held at the St Kilda Town Hall in 2015. [MARS] Gallery was invited to be part of the event called the Best of the Best, [MARS] asked me to represent them.

I designed and made the sculptural centerpiece, the chairs and the napery for the [MARS] table.


The sculptural centre piece, that I called 11 dimensional object, was both an acknowledgement of one of string theory’s proposal that there are 11 dimensions in space (most of them curled up in minute convolutions) and that there were 11 seats at the table. I created 11 threaded fins that were tilted around a central core to give the illusion of a spiral object, by using a transition of coloured thread from orange to pink I created the illusion of a transparent form glowing from the inside.

The sculpture found a home in a Melbourne garden.

Best of the Best dates were: 18 — 19 April2013

11 dimensional object, acrylic, PVC thread, stainless steel fittings, 170 x 120 x120 cm

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