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Greer Taylor - white thoughts
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In 2008 I was Artist in Residence on the ship Lubov Orlova traveling to the Antarctic peninsula, a short trip of 10 days all up. I came home to make a number of paintings that were an attempt to embed the power of landscape that I witnessed and felt in those few days of visiting the Antarctic peninsula and how my body and heart responded.  These paintings arose both very quickly — I made about 10 in 3 weeks and than others emerged more slowly over about a year. I could not call them abstract nor landscape so I used the word ‘landstract’.

For me the Antarctic is so much about what is hidden, what is going on below the surface of its white coat and deep within its dark black rocks…  speaking now in 2024, I have come to understand that my practice is about that which is hidden, awakened perhaps during me time on the Antarctic peninsula.

The pink, black and white paintings seen in this galley also evolved out of this Antarctic trip.

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