art garments: textile art

My textile art practice was focused on the making of art clothes over a period of about 7 years from 1986 – 1993. During those years my work was exhibited extensively in Australia as well as overseas, won awards, was included in many publications, while 2 pieces were collected by Australian regional galleries during that time.

For details see pre-1994 listings in biography.

In July 2019 The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (fondly known as the Powerhouse Museum) accepted donation of a coat-hat ensemble made and sold in 1988 to Sylvia Pepper. It is a rigorous process for an item to be accepted into the Powerhouse collection (even via donation) so I am most grateful to Maurice Pepper for following the process through to the end. My thanks go to both Maurice and Sylvia Pepper in whose names the donation will be formally acknowledged. (Thanks go to Vishna Collins for her advice in this process.)

After spending 13 years in the Fashion industry as a designer/patternmaker, making “art clothes” was a way to combine my love of body decoration, clothing and textiles with an art-based approach, rather than a market driven one.

And yes, that is me in most of the photos … with most photos by Peter Donovan.