between : Illawarra

Greer Taylor
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TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst is an inner city artist run space, making it an ideal stepping off point for further exhibition out side the Illawarra.

Exhibition statement

The work in this show is inspired by the place where I live – the Illawarra, but it goes beyond the physical space of the Illawarra as it is squeezed between the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range as it closes against the Pacific Ocean at the Sea Cliff Bridge… it is an exploration of the idea of wild places: those wild places that thankfully still exist here in the Illawarra, those that exist in places we do not even know of across our planet and the wild places in our souls… It is an exploration of between, timeless-ness, ambiguity…

I would like to thank

  • Alena Kennedy, my exhibition partner
    • visit Alena Kennedy’s web site: HERE

Between : Illawarra dates were 4 — 16 November 2008

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