Greer Taylor, catch (detail), painted PVC pipe, plastic thread, painted wooden dowel - pipe 5.75 metres. Imaged by Bernie Fischer
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This work was installed in parallel with an exhibition aimed at children called Picture This; catch was installed in the atrium space in the centre of the gallery — it could be seen from each floor. On the floor where Picture This was installed, the central tube of the work was at child level, inviting children to engage with the work

work statement

This work suspends a 5.75 metre long pipe in space in a mesh of green plastic thread.

The structure of this work is created by the way it catches itself to the existing architecture of the building as well as the way the strings catch onto the “burrs” created along the tube.
The caught tube cause the strings to take on the shape of a valley, or a cave, depending from which side you look (top or bottom).

catch, painted PVC pipe, plastic thread, painted wooden dowel — pipe 5.75 metres

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As you move around the work the mesh of strings create different patterns… and from small person height there are particularly unique perspectives available, including looking into the pipe.

The burrs are placed along the pipe using a stepped sequence: from the centre each gap is 102% larger than the previous one. Note: only 2% increase cause more than a doubling over only 28 steps!
(2% or 3% seems so small, but 3% is the per annum economic growth our governments encourage — it leads to is a doubling in 20 years! Can our planet sustain such growth?)