cellular memory

Greer Taylor - cellular memory - Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011
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In 2010 I placed a work, in this same location during the Montalto 2010 exhibition – it took the form of a cone, titled my feet grow root and my soul touches the sky (see here) and talked of my connection to and memory of land. This new work is like an after image of that work, rife with its own new meanings, while being a container holding the memories and meaning of the previous work.

Does a place embed memory of that which has gone before?

How do we as humans contain memories?

Our contemporary world encourages us to package memory, most usually in some sort of rectangular device – have been trained to view the world in this way?

Thank you to:

  • Wendy Dening, my terrific installation assistant and travel buddy
  • Kenwalls of Wollongong for their assistance in fabricating the frame
  • Illawarra Wire Ropes for their assistance with the cable tensioning

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011 exhibition dates were 20 February – 1 May 2011

cellular memory
powder coating on steel, plastic thread,  steel cables, 230 x 250 x 250 cm, 2011

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