Greer Taylor - cellular memory - Montalto Sculpture Prize 2013
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Montalto Sculpture Prize was an annual sculpture exhibition and acquisitive prize installed in the grounds of Montalto Winery.


Cross-wind or cross-wind?

Windings of cable span open space to create curved transparent surfaces over which winds may cross to create sound.

Through both its form and transparency the work takes on many guises, changing its relationship to the landscape as you make your way around it: from a bowl in which to contain the landscape; to sails floating across it; to a bridge spanning the view…

It sits lightly in and on the landscape, balancing on only 2 points,  using simple geometric forms to explore the space in which it exists. By its transparency, the intricacies of space become visible.

I would like to thank:

  • Joseph for his invaluable assistance installing the cables and telling me about how their installation in this work relates to the physics of a ‘self consistent field’
  • Joe’s Pipe and Tube for assistance in fabricating the frame
  • Daren for the amazing paint job
  • Montalto for providing such a great space

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2013 exhibition dates were: 22 February – 3 May 2013

aluminium, automotive paint, nickel plated brass, galvanised steel cable, 160 x 220 x 270 cm, 2013

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