Greer Taylor - crosswind - Harbour Sculpture 2015
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Awarded an AJSteel Australasia Stipend

Stainless-steel cables span the spaces created by a drawing-like yellow line, generating curved transparent surfaces. Through both form and transparency crosswind changes its relationship to the landscape when viewed from different angles: from a container in which to frame the landscape; to sails floating across it; to a bridge spanning the view – in the context of Clarkes Point, a reference to the bridges spanning north and south of the harbour. Sitting lightly in the landscape, the work uses simple geometric forms to explore the space in which it exists and by its transparency, the intricacies of space become visible.

 I would like to extend my gratitude to:

  • Deborah Redwood for her install assistance
  • JSteel Australasia for the stipend
  • everyone at Harbour Sculpture

Harbour Sculpture 2015 exhibition dates were: 30 July – 9 August 2015


aluminium, automotive paint, nickel plated brass, galvanised steel and fibre cable, 160 x 220 x 270 cm, 2013

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