Greer Taylor - descend - Thirroul 2012
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descend was installed in the IAVA gallery The Hanging Space in Thirroul.

exhibition statement:

These paintings are about vulnerability and change, mortality and fragility…

They are about our need as modern humans to acknowledge that we are fallible and mortal. And that in that acknowledgement we become more as we surrender to the truth of our reality.

They explore the from and to of becoming… we are all made of other things, we have become from something else – from star stuff.  We are all in the process of becoming something else… we are change.

Paintings in exhibition:

descend   |   passing   |   release   |   echo   |   settle | edge   |   perfume   |   enclose   |  

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Are these works depictions of land or inner landscape? And in that dilemma of similarity lies the truth – we are all things… The line between the very large and the very small and the undefined is blurred… it is only flow: of life and the evolution of the universe from its past into the present and the future into the past.

These paintings are part of the whole, the continuum – that which is not seen within the “frame” is alluded to…

I would like to thank:

  • IAVA — Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts
  • Damian Banks for instigating The Hanging Space
  • Manic Organic for accommodating the gallery within their shop

descend exhibition dates were: 1 April — 26 May 2012