distant time

Greer Taylor - distant time - Sculpture at Scenic World 2012
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Awarded the inaugural Acquisitive Sculpture at Scenic World Prize

Sculpture at Scenic World 2012 was the inaugural sculpture exhibition at Scenic World at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It featured 26 sculptures placed in the rainforest along the Lilli Pilli Walk Way.


…is time in fact linear? does it stack neatly one moment upon another? or does it really weave its way randomly, picking up moments from the past and future? evolving into something that is other?

The form of this work while recognisable and formal as ‘pyramid’, is a web of random gatherings – a stack of transparent informality making up a named form.

The nature we experience today is a product of distant time stacking interrelated elements together to create diversity that is both formal and random – allowing change, encouraging change, embracing change in order to become something else.

By placing this form, which is both like and unlike the surrounding forest, in the forest, both it and its surroundings are mirrored and magnified by their differences.

distant time,
galvanised fencing wire, wool, 180 x 90 x 90cm, 2012

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judges comments:

“It was essential the works succeeded in introducing and playing with fresh new elements and matter in sculpture… …Greer’s work has a sense of fragility like a beacon through colour and form, yet it has a solid presence even with light shining through the canopy. It’s a strong piece.”
Monica McMahon – University of Western Sydney Curator

“The environment here is part of the sculpture and we took two tours to capture different light and we have never seen sculptures in a temperate rainforest as seductive as this.”
Leonard Janiszewski – Macquarie University Sculpture Park Curator

I would like to extend my gratitude to:

  • Lizzy Marshal for shepherding this inaugural exhibition into being
  • Graham for gifting the old fencing wire that was just the right tensile strength to work with

Sculpture at Scenic World 2012 exhibition dates were: 16 February – 11 March 2012