Greer Taylor, echo, acrylic on board, 120 x 184 cm, 2009
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≡ Awarded a commendation

The Calleen Art Award is an acquisitive prize was founded in 1977 through a gift by Patricia Fagan OAM, the winning work joins the Calleen Art Collection.


We live a time-driven existence but in the reality of the universe, time in our terms is meaningless. echo work explores timelessness.

timelessness interacting

invasions or agreements
towards or away?
what is passing between?
interactions between cells
or a river and its banks
or an unheard echo
in the deepness of the universe.

a pink flesh-like mass:
an echo of vulnerability, mortality, mutability…

Calleen Art Awards 2009 exhibition dates were: 21 March to 19 April 2009

acrylic and oxides on board, 122 x 184 cm, 2009

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