Greer Taylor - black gully festival - 2016
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Ephemera, the Art of the Impermanent ran as part of the Black Gully Music Festival in November 2016 in the grounds of the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) in Armidale.

Black Gully is creek land adjacent to NERAM on one side of the creek with a large community garden on the other, at the time the creek was in the process of being revegetated and generally regenerated. The Black Gully Festival has run for many years, it started as a festival involving local music but has extended to environmental projects. In 2016 the festival included the community engagement project Ephemera – Art of the Impermanent. The project invited 5 artists to create works during the 2 weeks of the project: the other artists were Tanja Beer, Gabi Briggs, Amy Hammond, Andrew Parker …read more about the artists here.

Over the two weeks of the residency I made about 60 small and not-so-small ephemeral artworks engaging with the land adjacent to the creek using whatever materials presented themselves… While I usually make ephemeral works in wild places, Black Gully is a human use and maintained space I acknowledged that in the works that I made, interacting for instance, with a no-longer-used metal garbage bin skeleton…

I would like to thank:

  • EcoartsAustralis for inviting me to be part of this project
  • Cherene Spendelove for managing the project so well
  • the other artists in the project it was wonderful to meet you and make art with you

Ephemera – Art of the Impermanent dates were: 31 October — 12 November 2016
Black Gully Festival day was 12 November 2016

This gallery includes many of the ephemeral works I made during the 2 weeks; made from the materials that presented themselves’ on the day’… from grass cuttings to fallen branches to string and leaves…

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