ephemeral artworks

Greer Taylor, fallen gum flowers floated on after-rain pond in a closed loop
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There are two aspects to my ‘wild-place practice’: small ephemeral artworks, seen below, and writing, made during visits to wild places. These works are a response to a moment in time in the cycle of life in a wild place.

Nature is engrossed in an ever-becoming cycle and the work I make intercepts that cycle, if only for a moment. The ephemeral artworks I make in wild places are usually made using only the things I find around me on that day; they have all now decayed or blow away, their parts having returned to the process of becoming something else: that is the cycle of nature… Their momentary dance, choreographed by me, documented in the fraction of a second that it takes to open and close the shutter of a camera…

You can find my book titled ephemeral that curates wild place artworks and poetry HERE

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