Greer Taylor - facet - UWS Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2012
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Awarded a Highly Commended

UWS Acquisitive Sculpture Award and exhibition is a biannual event taking place in the sculpture park on the ground of University of Western Sydney’s Campbelltown Campus.


This transparent form contains reminders of a rectangular prism that is unable to remain still, or is convinced of its form. The work is intended to destabilise and question both comprehension and vision.

I would like to thank:

  • Joseph, Deborah and Jennifer for their assistance in installing
  • Pipe and Tube Fittings for their assistance in fabrication of the frame
  • Tim Filson, IWRLifting, Abelia Repetition Engineering and Jubilee Springs for putting up with the drawn out process of decision making
  • Monica McMahon and UWS for making this happen.

UWS Sculpture Awards and Exhibition 2012 dates were: 5 May – 3 June 2012

powdercoating on aluminium, steel cable, brass, 240 x 300 x 700 cm, 2012