fragile surface

Greer Taylor, fragile surface
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local:current  was an annual survey of 10 local artists at Wollongong Art Gallery — fragile surface was included in the 2010 iteration.

fragile surface suspended a trapezoid surface of knitted wire pulled from above and below into a topography… a analogy for our earth’s fragile surface, strong but fragile and like knitting, begins falling apart if damaged.

work statement

Innerspace, outerspace, above, below, life, death : each is connected, part of each other — separation is not an option

This work is held together by its connections — break the connections and the work falls apart.

As a species we are breaking connections that have existed for eons each and every day… each connection broken weakens the ability of our planet to recover — to provide us, and our fellow species, with a home.

each time we break a connection…
we loose…
we rob our earth of its potential to make poetry

local:current exhibition dates were:  10 December 2010 — 30 January 2011

fragile surface, knitted tinned copper wire, nylon, fish hooks, wood, fabric, 450 x 600 x 350 cm

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