Greer Taylor, GRID, exhibition view
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GRID was installed in the Small Wall Gallery in Project Contemporary Art space in Wollongong

exhibition statement

Grids can be both complex and simple.

The work in GRID expose in their grided form a tangle of opposites, reinforcing this dichotomy:

                      order   |    chaos

                    simple   |    complex

                      finite   |    infinite

                   growth   |    decay

                    clarity   |    veiled

Grids are integral to one of human’s earliest technological developments: textiles. Woven textiles’ structure determine their existence with a criss-crossing of thin strings at 90° to each other to create a strong, protective, infinitely useful product, no less valuable to us today than it was at its inception.

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In this body of work the structure determines its existence, held together by a grid of strings: on its inside vibrating, contained, structured yet infinite, whereas its exterior is chaotic; a reflection of the universal counterpoint of order with chaos. A counterpoint, though, blurred by the transparency of the materials and structure of the works.

The titles of some of these works refer to String Theory, this is a quantum theory that suggests that the universe is made up of vibrating strings, they are considered to be the elemental force of existence. String theory also suggests the existence of 11 dimensions most of which are too minute to see.

Are grids embedded in the fabric of the universe or are they a human invention?

GRID exhibition dates were: 10—21 March 2010