holding infinity

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Sculpture Bermagui is installed on the headland and foreshore of Bermagui, looking out to Guluga (the mother mountain) across the bay.


This work invites each of us to build our capacity for infinity… to allow infinity to be part of our framing of the world. Modern humanity seems to have little capacity to hold infinity — to hold the idea that we are part of an infinite dance that will go on well past our own lifetimes.

To the contrary, modern humanity seem hell bent on taking it all for ourselves —NOW! eating the futures of all things — all of those who come after us, be they human or plants or animals or fungi… all the species that hold this planet as their home; which we, one singular clever but stupid species, are thoughtlessly destroying through mismanagement and delusions of control… leading to desertification and wars to name but two consequences of our folly.

holding infinity
paint on steel and aluminium, PVC thread, stainless steel fittings, soil, 250 x 280 x 280 cm, 2024

click on images to see larger versions

click on images to see larger versions


This work, installed onsite over 3 days, suspends and reveals within a complex network of pink and orange PVC threads a circular (earth from space shape) portal that provides a framing by which we can contemplate where we are, what we are and how we could be; a portal connecting us to the past, to the now, and into the future.

The materials used in this work are all human-made, PVC thread, aluminium and steel, asking that we consider how a relationship of human-made to nature-made can coexist in a way that enhances both? The transparency of the work’s structure weaves the surroundings into the viewers perspective… nature and human-made become one.

To extend the discussion begun and held in the work I spent time with the work in conversation with visitors… wearing my bilby ears.

All images in the gallery above are by Joseph Horvat unless noted.

I would like to express my gratitude to:

  • my husband Joseph for his support and being a wonderful install partner — it was an intense but delightful experience. And his photos of holding infinity are wonderful as you can see in the gallery above.
  • Victoria Nelson, the curator who understood the needs of the work, from an ideal location to the extended install time required
  • the Bermagui Sculpture team from President to every volunteer, for making this happen
  • Sarah for providing a wonderful place to stay

I was interviewed before the event by Vic Silk for the Sculpture Bermagui Newsletter – she wrote very sensitive account of my practice: check it out here

Sculpture Bermagui 2024 exhibition dates were: 9—17 March 2024