Greer Taylor - imprint - Wollongong City Gallery 2011
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During 2011 I taught digital skills for artists at West Wollongong TAFE. As a member of the TAFE Art School teaching staff I was invited to be part of the annual teacher’s exhibition for that year, the 37th year of the event (hence its title), to be held at the Wollongong City Gallery in the Main Gallery. The gallery’s high ceiling allowed me to be able to make and install a tall work called imprint.


imprint posed a question of relationship; how do we imprint ourselves on the world around us? how do we allow the world around us to imprint upon us?

The form of the work, suggestive of a figure, hovers just off the wall… anchored by mini guy ropes, creates a threshold (an opportunity) coming in and out of focus –  it is up to us to decide which side of the threshold we are on.

37, TAFE Teachers 2011 exhibition dates were: 30 October — 28 November 2011

found sticks, nails, elastic thread, wire
200 x 70 x 10 cm