Greer Taylor - inclusion - Sculpture in the Vineyards 2014
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Sculpture in the Vineyards is an annual event taking place in the Wollombi are of NSW Hunter Valley, sculptures  are installed in multiples vineyards in the area. In 2014 my work inclusion was invited into the 2014 exhibition. It was a wonderful site and opportunity, I installed inclusion at Undercliff Winery where the work remained installed for nearly a year so was able to experience that changing of the seasons, including a flood!


inclusion questions the idea of inside and out —- what is included and what is not?

A line of pink is drawn in space – using this line as a ‘frame’, a membrane of blue cables is constructed to contain an inclusion — a transparent cavity held within the space contained by the ‘frame’. This is a work that changes its relationships at each viewpoint adding to the ungraspable division of inside… or outside.

Sculpture in the Vineyards 2014 exhibition dates were: 25 October – 29 November 2014

on aluminium, spectra cable, nickel plated plated brass, 350 x 260 x 160 cm, 2014

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