looking in / looking out

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UWS Acquisitive Sculpture Award and exhibition is a biannual event taking place in the sculpture park on the ground of University of Western Sydney’s Campbelltown Campus.


looking in / looking out responds to the ambient light conditions, allowing elements to come into and out of focus. The reflections plummet into the depth of a still, early-morning lake and then clip and shimmer as the surface of the lake breaks up. looking in / looking out has created new elements for the lake’s inhabitants to use — white faced herons took up residence almost immediately on the platforms below the towers…

Our brains are a bundle of connections, a physically closed system that is able to engage with the world around it. looking in / looking out explores the idea of physically closed systems that have no physical contact with the outside world but yet engage and interact with it. As science reveals workings of our brains, we find that they work in similar ways to systems we have built outside our heads, using our brains.

looking in / looking out
aluminium, automotive paint, stainless steel cable and fittings, reflections, each tower 400 x 120 x 15 cm, 2016

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Since the invention of telegraph, cables on poles have stretched across landscapes connecting nodes of human settlement; computers have familiarised us with systems of electrical stimuli.

This work creates a brain-like forest of tower-poles, wires, signals and connections, reflected in the virtual reality of the water’s surface. Hanging cables are forced by gravity into a net of parabolic curves.

The work has no connection to the “outside world” (we cannot touch, feel or smell it) bar its connection to the viewer’s brain.

I would like to express my gratitude to:

  • Deborah Redwood for her amazingly dedicated assistance during the install – we spent days in a very cold lake during install and then again during deinstall!
  • Those who contributed to the fabrication process: Welmec, Picassos Spraypainting Workshop, Metro Foam, Alusource and Integra Packaging
  • my husband for introducing me to the milling machine
  • Monica McMahon and her team at the Western Sydney University for making this event happen.

UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition 2016 dates were: 6 May – 5 June 2016