my feet grow roots and my soul touches the sky

Greer Taylor - my feet grow roots - Montalto Sculpture Prize 2010
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This work speaks of my connection to land…  at times I feel my feet growing roots into the earth and these roots will connect me with that place wherever I go, and in turn to everything…

I made this work with my Dad’s help — we both enjoyed  working out the 3D geometry required to create the skin. It was initially made for an indoor solo exhibition presence of bird (see here) at DeHavilland Gallery.

I wish to thank:

  • Montalto — this was my first out door sculpture prize exhibition!
  • my Dad for his assistance in getting this work ready for outdoor installation and for taking the road trip with me to install

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2010 exhibition dates were: 14 February 2010 – 30th April 2010

my feet grow roots and my soul touches the sky
galvanised sheeting over timber skeleton, 200 x 200 x 200 cm 2010

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