out of rain

Greer Taylor, concavity, 'out of rain' at Brenda May Gallery 2014
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I had the wonderful experience of installing a solo exhibition at Brenda May’s Galley in 2014. The exhibition, out of rain was an exhibition of 10 small and mid sized sculptural works.

The exhibition statement:

Rain has magical qualities that not only engage with all our senses, it delivers from the ‘heavens’ the essential ingredient required to make the life on our planet possible (who is to know what is required elsewhere?)…

out of rain is an exploration of rain: rhythm, repetition, transparency, possibilities.

Works in the exhibition:

span  |  out of rain  |  concavity  |  falling through  |  pool |  rebound
the other side (against the wind)  |  hover  |  seep  |  cloud 8+1

(see work details in image captions)

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Like rain, small repeated elements combine to build pattern and form: from knitted wire to arrangements of simple elements into transparent curtains or windows.

In our built shelters (gallery, home, office) we are ‘out of rain’ – sheltered from getting wet, the structure preventing rain from reaching the soil beneath… a soil now parched and barren of life and stripped of potential.

I would like to thank:

  • Brenda May herself for inviting me to do this exhibition
  • Deborah Redwood who helped my install
  • all the wonderful staff at Brenda May Gallery for their support and assistance during the install

out of rain exhibition dates were: 9 September — 4 October 2014