pink room

Greer Taylor, pink room, from top left: bent | echo | incubation ii | incubation i
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The newly opened Number 10 Art Precinct in Jamberoo hosted a room of my work for 2 months.

exhibition statement

These pink works are about vulnerability, change, fragility — the ongoingingness of our existence. They are also a questioning of the seemingly linear experience we have of time. before, echo, passing, bent, incubation… the work’s titles, hint at uncapturable moments, moments of transition

before questions before what? before yesterday, before tomorrow, before a thousand years ago? An echo only exists fleetingly but yet seems to stretch across time and the universe. In the act of passing does change occur between the passer and the passee, who is who? bent is not quite definable, only perhaps providing a refuge for nesting.
incubation is a time of stillness — of being held until the time is right for becoming something else.

Vulnerability is something to embrace — it is our connection to everything.

the pink room exhibition dates were 11 February — 5 April 2010

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