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rain stories is a permanent installation commissioned by the Melton City Council for the Melton Waves Leisure Center, it spans the back wall of the Melton Waves Leisure Centre pool.


This work was a way to bring the focus of pool users onto every drop, every water molecule, in the pool at the Leisure Centre. To bring focus onto the role of water in the our lives, in the land, rivers, creatures… to think about the water cycle. How fundamental rain and water is to our existence.

By building a wall of stories about rain with a visual reference to falling rain a connection is made to the water cycle, our reliance on fresh water and our love of playing in water.

The work gathers together 86 stories about rain into a ‘curtain of rain’. Some of the ‘rain stories’ were collected from the local community, some collected from living and dead authors and poets, some detailing facts about rain in general and rain in the Melton area with some written by me… read all stories HERE

rain stories, printed acrylic, stainless steel fittings, acrylic paint, 240 x 20,000 x 2.5 cm

click on images to see larger versions

click on images to see larger versions


The work acknowledges the reality that water comes to us in the form of rain — the water in the Melton pool has at one time fallen from clouds to the earth as rain.

The colours used refer to the environment of the space – from bright near the windows to deeper colours as the wall move to the interior of the space.

The printed panels of Polycarbonate were shaped and predrilled with mount holes – the panels were float mounted approximately 20mm from the wall using stainless steel panel mounts.

I wish to thank:

  • A special thanks to Ruby Wingrove
  • Greg Sewell my install partner, for his dedication during a long and grueling install well into the early hours
  •  the many people who assisted in making this project a reality, from instigator, to fabricators, to writers, to suppliers, to installers…

rain stories was installed on 18 February 2014