Greer Taylor - reciprocity - Sculpture at Scenic World 2015
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Sculpture at Scenic World is an annual exhibition installed along Lili Pilli Walkway in the Jamison Valley at Scenic World.


A living forest is a network of connections in all directions. Most of these connections are subtle happenings within the cells of a tree or deep within the soil, using simple but powerful mechanisms to transport nutrients and waste products around the system, ensuring that it can continue to thrive, it is a system based on reciprocity. Breaking any one of these mechanisms will put the system at risk.

This work uses materials that span the natural and human-made to generate discussions regarding the current relationship human beings have with the planet on which we live – all too often ignoring and breaking systems which have kept the planet functioning for eons.

With care and forethought, despite our current separation from the natural world our relationship could evolve into something that is reciprocal.

reciprocity was an ‘elastic’ grid of 49 sticks interspersed with cables, it was installed suspended between 4 trees in the rainforest, and at times when the trees it was attached to swayed, the work had the appearance of breathing.

I would like the thank:

  • Deborah Redwood for her assistance in my studio during fabrication
  • the amazing install crew, this was a very difficult work to install!
  • Justin for doing such a great job of curation

Sculpture at Scenic World 2015 exhibition dates were: 15 April – 10 May 2015

found sticks, webbing, stainless cable, vinyl, buckles, 200 x 350 x 350 cm, 2015

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