resting place

Greer Taylor - resting place - Sculpture at Scenic World 2013
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Awarded a Highly Commended

Sculpture at Scenic World is an annual event,  installed along the LilliPilli walk in the Jamison Valley in Katoomba.


In the Jamison valley large rocks have fallen through time from the surrounding cliff faces, to end up out of their original geological context — massive reminders of the power and inevitability of change.

This boulder-like yet transparent knitted wire form, an irregular trapezoidal prism, hovers in space questioning the idea and perceived permanence of there being an ultimate resting place – as it hovers, all outcomes are possible. This boulder is not solid – its inside is seen… but even in this seenness is it any more known than the hidden secrets of a solid boulder?

Sculpture at Scenic World 2013 judges comment:
“a delicately knitted wire structure that belies its materiality and seemingly floats in the rainforest”

Video & sound
installation day#2 @ Scenic World – short video interview with myself and one of the other artists on install day, Roger Foley-Fogg.

My artist talk 11 May 2013 – 25 mins – MP3 file – 20meg

I would like to extend my gratitude to:

  • my mum Val Taylor, Joni Braham, Jennifer Portman, Deborah Redwood, Arja Valimaki and Vyvian Wilson for assisting with the knitting of this work — without them this work would not have been made
  • Scenic World for providing the opportunity
  • Sculpture at Scenic World exhibition manager Lizzy Marshall for her passion and understanding
  • The installation team for making what was a technically difficult install fun and easy.

Sculpture at Scenic World 2013 dates were: 23 April  – 19 May 2013

resting place
knitted tinned copper and enamelled copper wire, 220 x 220 x 220cm, 2013

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