Scissor, Paper, Rock

Greer Taylor, ring lace collar, spray paint on aluminium, enameled copper wire, cotton thread, 10 x 29 x 23 cm, 2019
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Four Shoalhaven based sculptors were invited to make jewelry in this group exhibition,  Scissor, Paper, Rock, installed in the foyer gallery of Shoalhaven Regional Gallery; the artists were: Stephanie Bray, Julie Love, Derry Messum and myself.

Having spent many years making garments for the body (which I regarded as sculpture for the body) the opportunity to make jewelry — a different type of sculpture for the body — was an opportunity I did not want to miss. I made six works for the exhibition using different materials from aluminum, steel, rubber, plastic, acrylic…

Scissor, Paper, Rock exhibition dates were:  16 February — 9 March 2019

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click on images to see larger versions