Greer Taylor, gallery view, from left: spread | leafsling | cube | ground | to breath
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SLICE was installed in Project Contemporary ArtSpace. SLICE was an exhibition in evolution — work came into being over the course of the exhibition, providing an opportunity for visitors to see part of the process of making art. You can view a video interview made at the end of the exhibition below.

exhibition statement

The work in this show is about seeing through, about exposing the inside to the outside. It is about the spaces between and the interactions of one element to another. These installations respond to space, not just the space displaced by the physical elements — they engage and activate the negative space, talking to the walls floor and ceiling of the space in which it exists.

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The stills gallery is followed by 2 videos:

  • interview with me near the end of the exhibition
  • the work to breathe breathing
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Slices are a way of looking inside things. A slice allows you look through an object and as such places it in a wider context. Slices expose patterns, rhythms, similarities and differences that may not be visible on the surface. The idea of looking inside is also expressed by the physical transparency of much of the work.

Much of the work has a visceral quality — a sense of being “of the body”, of an organism, of a forest…

It has been found through gene sequencing that living things are described by repeating the same base elements over and over but in different sequences – the bases found in DNA: A, T, C, G. I see a sense of this in my work — small repeated elements combined synergistically. Perhaps something learnt from textiles — fabric made of yarn, in turn made of fibre; whole garments or furnishings held together with small stitches.

I am passionately interested in land and my work is a means of exploring and building my connection to it; examining its chaos and order, its brutality and delicacy, its wildness and peace, and to express these seemingly contradictory ideas.

I would like to thank:

  • my dad for assisting in the preparation, installing and deinstall
  • my husband for his patience and assistance
  • my mum for wonderful food at the opening
  • Caterina Pacialeo for the video

SLICE exhibition dates were: 15 — 26 April 2009