three percent 3%

Greer Taylor three percent 3%
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three percent 3%  was installed as part of the Sea of Waste at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery to coincide with Earth Day 2017.


This is a work that is no more than a few sticks in a box when not installed — it needs a wall onto which it can be installed it for it to become alive; the work requires that I create a ‘swelling’ on the wall into the which for its full meaning to become present. It was wonderful to take it out again and show it as part of this Earth Day Sea of Waste exhibition…  Each time the work is installed it is different: in its context of the specific gallery but most intimately in the arrangement of sticks… the sticks are selected as-they-come from the box  so each arrangement is unique and with the unique lighting in each space the work is made new.

Sea of Waste exhibition dates were: 15 July – 2 September 2017

three percent  3%
found sticks, alligator clips, cotton thread, wood, paint, 30 x 380 x 5 cm, 2011

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