three percent 3%

Greer Taylor, three percent 3%, line of sight an IAVA exhibition at Project Contemporary ArtSpace, Wollongong 2011

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I made this work to explore how incremental increases can make huge impacts on long term outcomes; 3% seems such a small amount yet in 20 years it has doubled the initial amount.  3% is the per annum economic growth our governments encourage — but in order to achieve this we will need to be using double the current resources in 20 years! Can our planet sustain such growth?

The found sticks are held in alligator clips bound with red thread and pushed into a ‘swelling’ that was built in/on the wall. The sticks are placed using a stepped sequence: from the centre each gap is 103% larger than the previous one. the outer edges are sparsely spaced…

This was the first installation of this work — it was made for this exhibition. See other installations HERE and HERE

Line of Sight exhibition dates were: 16 — 27 November 2011

three percent  3%
found sticks, alligator clips, cotton thread, wood, paint, 30 x 380 x 5 cm, 2011