Greer Taylor - transition - Sculpture by the Sea 2012
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Sculpture by the Sea is an annual exhibition installed along the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama


This work holds 2 transparent funnels, one rounded edged turned down towards the earth, the other square edged facing upward to the sky… one form transitions into the other through the intentional holding of a small but powerful lens… The relationship of square to round a comment about the relationship between the build world – the straight edges of our world and the natural world that functions through ongoing cycles (the circle). Can we learn to bring eth circular world into the human-made built world?

The roundness of the earth becomes an horizon, holding the sun in anticipation of day… We are ever connected to change.

powder coating on steel, silicon thread, steel, stainless steel fittings, LED lighting, 250 x 280 x 280 cm, 2012

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I would like to thank:

  • Joe’s Pipe and Tube for their assistance in fabrication of the frame
  • Sell and Parker / Pecision Oxycut for sponsoring the material and cutting of the ballast that was so critical for this work in this location
  • Deborah Redwood for her invaluable assistance installing the frame
  • SXS installers for assisting with the heavy parts of this install — they helped move the 350 kg of steel ballast

Sculpture by the Sea 2012 exhibition dates were: 18 October — 4 November 2012