Greer Taylor, 'tumble' at Lorne 2011
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≡ Awarded a special mention

The Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2011 was installed along the foreshore of Lorne, about


While waves tumble and waste onto the nearby shore this work threatens to tumble towards the sea. Its fluid rippling form is though, held firm to the hillside – a connecting element embedding within its form both the shape of land and of the sea – peaks and valleys.

In recognition of this sameness is perhaps a reminder of different rates of change: the slowness of the changing shape of land while the sea is always restless…

Change in whatever form, at whatever speed, is inevitable…

I would like to express my gratitude to:

  • Wendy Dening my invaluable installation assistant
  • And all the people involved in making Lorne Sculpture happen
  • Jennifer Portman for assisting in deinstallation

Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2011 dates were 15 October — 6 November 2011

powdercoating on aluminium, PVC thread, stainless steel, LED lights, tent pegs, 2011

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