veiling: grief and delight

Greer Taylor, video still from veiling: grief and delight performance event, 19 November 2022. here Cacophony sings "into grief".
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veiling: grief and delight was a book launch like no other — it was a performance / happening / exhibition; featuring poems from my collection veiling: grief and delight, sculpture, performance, music, photography, film… directed by my collaborator and friend Jillian O’Dowd.

From the program notes:

veiling: grief and delight is a collection of poems written in early 2020 while I was confined to a wheel chair and crutches after seriously injuring my foot while fire proofing my bush property in readiness for the likely onslaught of the Currowan fire (which never reached my place thanks to a wind change). I found myself unable to take physical action to assist animals or people; instead I found myself gifted an unburnt home, a home shared with a thousand other living beings, stilled into a place where I could do no more or less than hold the grief that was swirling at the time… so I wrote.

We have been collectively holding our breath for a long time, I see veiling: grief and delight is a shared exhalation that creates space for the more beautiful world to emerge.

View complete program notes, including the cast and crew and many many thank yous HERE

You can purchase a copy of the collection veiling: grief and delight HERE

This event was the first event put on by WithinBeyond, the umbrella for the collaborative projects that Jillian and I do together.

veiling grief and delight took place on 19 November 2022 @ Cambewarra Hall

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click on images to see larger versions