between-illawarra @ TAP Gallery , Darlinghurst, NSW

Greer Taylor

TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst is an inner city artist run space, making it an ideal stepping off point for further exhibition out side the Illawarra. Exhibition statement The work in this show is inspired by the place where I live – the Illawarra, but it goes beyond the physical space of the Illawarra as it is […]

landstract paintings

Greer Taylor - white thoughts

In 2008 I was Artist in Residence on the ship Lubov Orlova traveling to the Antarctic peninsula, a short trip of 10 days all up. I came home to make a number of paintings that were an attempt to embed the power of landscape that I witnessed and felt in those few days of visiting […]

pink black and white paintings

Greer Taylor - pink, black and white paintings

This series of paintings made over about 4 years (2008 — 2012) after which time I focused on making sculpture.  Most of these works were on board — two of the small works on found warped packing crate boards. Using a limited palette of pink, black and white they explore the macro and micro of […]